Georgia Rule

Rated 1.0

Georgia Rule Wow … talk about your tin-eared casting: A perceived traitor to the United States, a perceived coke whore, and a woman who played a transsexual in her last flick, all in a dramedy pitched to Middle America. Somewhere, a casting director is about to collect unemployment. It doesn’t help that the melodrama is wrapped in bad writing and seasoned with clichés. Here Lindsay Lohan gets typecast as a little California trollop from a long line of difficult women who is sent off by her closet boozer mother (Felicity Huffman) to get some sense laid into by her God-fearing Idahoan grandmother (Jane Fonda). The Big Book of Down-Home Aphorisms is trotted out and the cast of thoroughly unlikable characters sputter about the small town like they’re in a Tennessee Williams sitcom. The dialogue is literally painful to endure for anyone who hasn’t experienced a lobotomy or shock treatment at some point in their lives. Ick.