28 Weeks Later

Rated 5.0

28 Weeks Later 28 Weeks Later is deadly serious business and, as a white-knuckle ride into primal horror, worth the wait. The first film, 28 Days Later, dealt with the set-up: a bicycle messenger wakes up from a three-week coma to find that a fast-spreading plague has turned London into ground zero for appalling horror. The infected are fueled by an all-consuming rage that blinds them to anything save for spreading the disease. 28 Weeks Later picks up … well, six months later. London has been re-secured by the United States military and the infected starved out. Civilians are being brought in to reseed the Isle of Dogs, a London peninsula and obviously some prime real estate. But due to an unfortunate lack of intuition on the part of an Army doctor overseeing the project, all hell breaks loose and the Yanks are up to their armpits in Iraq allegory. The film was damn near pitch perfect in delivering what I want out of a horror flick. It’s not as meditative as the first one, but it sure is a lot more primal. And in its essence, isn’t that what a good horror film is supposed to be?