Delta Farce

Rated 1.0

One of those so-called comedies that aims low and still fails to deliver. Of course, I’m assuming that it was spat out by a team of Hollywood hacks trying to write for the NASCAR crowd, so essentially it’s the cinematic equivalent of watching a bunch of cars go around in circles, waiting for the inevitable explosions. Larry the Cable Guy, fellow Blue Collar comedian Bill Engvall and that walking sight-gag from Road Trip are a trio of sad sack Army Reservists who get called up and sent to Iraq. Problem is, they end up getting dropped into Mexico by accident and cause all sorts of mayhem until that dusty light bulb flickers over their dim little heads. By then, it’s time to crib from The Three Amigos as they take on a slumming Danny Trejo as a warlord called Carlos Santana. Yeah. Comedy gold, there. Too lizard brain for it’s own good, any laughs are unintentional and meta.