Forget the soapbox. Let’s just get naked and take a shower.

Don’t miss the mark with
I was going to change the marquee on the Senator, but it’s windy and St. Paddy’s Day, a lethal double threat. As I looked out on Chico this glorious sunny late-winter day, I thought of this little bauble. It’s cool to love your country, just like it’s cool to love a sports team. When your team has a terrible season, do you just drop them at the river and go with someone who has a better record. No, you stand beside them and look to a better day. Nations, like sport teams, are not always No. 1. This is part of life on this planet we share. As Americans we have to realize we are not No. 1 in many fields (besides homicides and prisoners). Since we are all players in Team America, it’s up to each of us to make this a better place to live. Nuff said on that one, yeeesh.

Let’s move on to the new play, Northanger Abbey, at the Blue Room. Director Amber Miller is a dynamic visual artist whose sense of imagery creates a 19th-century soap opera out of papier-mâché boxes and a stunning set of performances by an 11-member cast. Lead heroine and Blue Room repertory member Alice Wiley Pickett is a local treasure whose talents must be experienced live to fully appreciate her scope. Too much talent to mention all!

On March 28 over at the Riff-Raff Room is the first of a two-night engagement of the Imps with original drummer Scottie Lehman (and Ride the Nine!). Yes Virginia, there is a god. On March 29 we have a night of rock that will live on in infamy. At The Senator is a multi-medium musical extravaganza created by local rock maven Jason Cassidy. This is a conceptual piece that can best be described as “living theater.” Once in a lifetime here, folks. Do not miss it!

I’ve been writing online for several years about the “unwritten rules of rock ‘n’ roll” and have found many examples of things that Chico could stand to hear (you might want to clip this out and paste it somebody’s forehead). Attention, soundmen: As delusional as it might seem sometimes, you are not part of the band. Talking loudly to the band through the monitors is bad form. Saying anything to the audience through the PA while the band is on stage is so lame that it might incite some spontaneous counseling. Take heed.