All things must pass

Face another day with
I was awakened to some sad news Monday. Olive oil maker, forestry advocate and controversial he-man of Tehama Lorenzo Thatcher took the final trip early that morning. Lorenzo had found “true love” over the last two decades with the lovely Suzi Lawing of Cohasset and so left this plane with a level of happiness most of us just dream about. Together these folks were completely inspirational; think John and Yoko. So, next time you hear a lone wolf howl in the woods, give a pause and prayer for Lorenzo. He was a real patriot who faced his fears each day.

This weekend was like a spawning frenzy for actors in town. Brad Moniz is bringing the play Robin Hood to the stage at the Senator with what looks to be the largest cast of the 21st century. At the Blue Room, things are falling together for Darkfall. Written by Artistic Director Joe Hillsee’s old friend David Davalos (who is flying out for the production), the play starts where Milton’s Paradise Lost ended. Also at the Blue, local sweetheart Samantha Perry is directing a new script by our own brilliant Bettie Burns, a late-night called Civilization and Discontent. Meanwhile at the Chico Cabaret, Jerry Millers musical, High Noon on Wall Street, is about to hit the boards. And I haven’t even mentioned the other theaters in town or the independent film that is being shot (The Wallet, starring Cal Reese’s butt). So yes, folks, it looks like we have a real “scene” starting to form here.

Being patriotic is not a spectator sport. If you wish to correlate with the spirit of the people who founded this country, you have got to imbue yourself with the same qualities that generated our democracy. This means facing your fears. I suggest getting involved with one of the local theaters and strutting your stuff. Even if we achieve the illusive world peace everyone is talking about, we will still need to entertain each other. Theater is the greatest “reality show” around. Stop talking about what strangers are doing and embrace your own community.

Musically, last week was daunting. I saw Nashville Pussy at the Brick Works (locals Hit by a Semi stole the show) but missed the next night’s huge reggae celebration with Damien Marley. Also missed the Riff Raff Room’s show with alt.-music gods Kinski. Though I did see the Del McCourey band at the Big Room. Wow! With this much talent in town, who needs TV?