Forget the brown bag!

Get a sustainable lunch box made from recycled juice boxes

Though they’re being promoted on green parenting Web site Responsible Mommy, these colorful lunch boxes made of recycled “doy packs”—stand-up, flexible juice containers made of sturdy, nonbiodegradable material—aren’t just for kids (but buying one for a child sets a great example of how to be environmentally conscious).

Made in the Philippines by a women’s fair-trade cooperative that buys the juice boxes from schoolchildren who collect them at a rate of 50,000 per day, Bazura lunch boxes are a great way to help clean up the environment (it is estimated that millions of these drink containers get thrown away daily in the Philippines alone) and have a spiffy-looking lunch box. The boxes are $19.95 each and come in a choice of colors: blue, red, pink, orange and purple.

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