Fight the bite

Rattlesnake and mosquito season are in full effect

Visitors to Bidwell Park should keep an eye out for reptilian creatures, and rattlesnakes in particular.

Officials from the city of Chico’s Park Division say that several of the venomous snakes were spotted last weekend in Upper Park. The weekend’s warm weather brought out the creatures, which are beneficial to the natural environment of the park. Anyone bitten by a rattlesnake should seek immediate medical help. Emergency call boxes are located at Bear Hole and Salmon Hole.

Meanwhile, the Butte County Mosquito and Vector Control District is warning residents to start taking precautions against mosquitoes, which carry the West Nile virus. Eliminating outdoor standing water is the best way to curb the insects’ breeding grounds.

Residents are also encouraged to wear repellant at dusk and dawn—when mosquitoes are most active. Equine owners should protect their animals with the West Nile vaccine.