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Non-GMO Project is the only of its kind in the United States and Canada

Lundberg Family Farms, located in Richvale, announced recently that 66 of its products are among the first to receive the “Non-GMO Verified” seal, meaning that the products are produced without genetic modifications.

Grant Lundberg, CEO of Lundberg Family Farms, is one of 11 governing members of the Non-GMO Project’s board of directors, and helped to draft the first comprehensive Non-GMO standards in the United States.

The project is a nonprofit organization created by leaders in all sectors of the organic- and natural-products industry throughout the United States and Canada, and is intended to give consumers a consistent Non-GMO choice when it comes to buying food.

While many companies claim their products to be “GMO-free,” the claims are not legally or scientifically defensible or verified by a third party, according to a press release from Lundberg Farms. The Non-GMO Project is the only organization that offers independent verification of testing for products in the U.S. and Canada.