Weinstein Co.

Star Wars nerds unite—this is your lucky day. Fanboys is a delightfully funny story of four Star Wars “fanboys” who decide to drive across the country to break into George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch to catch a literal sneak preview of Episode I. Of the foursome, the two who stand out the most are the loveable geek (Jay Baruchel) and the outspoken king of the nerds (Dan Fogler). On their journey, they come up against a gang of Trekkies (led by Seth Rogen), a couple of prostitutes, jail and a fanboy-fest in Las Vegas. They are joined along the way by their girl-geek buddy (Kristen Bell), and there are also notable guest appearances by William Shatner, Carrie Fisher and Kevin Smith. Hilarious for those who love the movies—and even for those who are lukewarm on ’em. There are just a few scenes that will test a true fanboy’s knowledge of the original films and even their allegiance: “Nobody calls Han Solo a bitch!” Overall a pleasantly surprising find in a sea full of so-so comedies.