Evil Dead

Rated 3.0

A group of idiotic but attractive kids arrive at a spooky cabin in the woods. The brainy one reads an incantation from an ominous book. Spooky noises. Then …. as this remake parallels and tops the original, the two dudes still get off light and now the three ladies are former prom queens. Two of the young women are given a couple of lines so they won’t be mistaken for props. The other one is given a subplot that becomes irrelevant the moment the blood hits the fan. Otherwise it’s lazy character development that doesn’t offer anything but the bare minimum to set these props to slaughter. The film does look good though as it evokes the pus-’n’-blood palette of recent French and Spanish horror and douses it with the cartoon excess of ’90s Japanese gorgasms. Cinemark 14 and Feather River Cinemas. Rated R.