Everybody’s business



Crossing the border
Casa Lupe is out and Casa Ramos is in. The former sold the restaurant at 1950 East 20th St. to the latter. The Hamilton City Casa Lupe closed two weeks ago. Wild.

That’s no fun
I was hoping something cool would go into the former Lovin’ Oven space on Mangrove Avenue, but from the looks of the booths with windows they’re building in there it will probably be one of those check-cashing joints. I called the owner’s rep but didn’t get a call back.

If you’re involved, drop me a line. (Now, there’s some lazy reporting for you.)

Silver bullet
Nearby the aforementioned locale, at 1311 Mangrove Ave., is a new shop that’s all about the small set.

The Silver Sandbox opened earlier this month and is filling up with all sorts of things for babies: strollers (including the costly but cool Bugaboo, pictured), furniture, toys, clothes (up to size 7) and more.

Jennifer Billings, who owns the store with her husband, Greg, said she has long seen a need for kid shops that hit the middle of the market (not too pricey, but not bargain-basement either) and thought about opening one in Harlem. The couple recently relocated from New York, a homecoming for Jennifer, who grew up in Paradise.

The couple’s children are 1 and 4. “All the products we have in here are things that I would by for them,” Billings said.

The Silver Sandbox will soon offer playgroups and play host to classes including music, baby massage and baby sign language.

That baby sign stuff is so cool. My boy is almost 13 months old and he’s not much of a talker but he knows about a dozen signs. Really cuts down on the frustration.

The scoop
Word is that the Ben & Jerry’s franchise at the North Valley Plaza is for sale.

Furthermore, be advised that you should not be paying full price for your ice cream: Both B&J’s and Coldstone Creamery have coupons out right now. And remember, Tuesday is dollar night at Baskin-Robbins.

Spin doctor?
For some weeks now, Enloe Medical Center has been advertising for a “senior communications strategist.”

The person would report to the director of public relations, in a position that “assures internal and external audiences receive accurate, timely information regarding areas of critical concern. Provides direction to the organization to continually improve the public image and advance the strategic initiatives of Enloe Medical Center.”

There’s more: “Contributes to the formulation of Enloe’s strategies and tactics, guides and develops communication initiatives for the organization’s diverse stakeholders, provides communications counsel and issues management, and serves as a spokesperson for the organization.”

Is this you? Apply at www.enloe.org.