Everybody’s business

Cleanliness is godliness
When I saw the flier for Robin Rodgers’ business Neat ‘n Tidy I thought to myself, “Who in his right mind would pay someone to clean his room or organize his garage?” Then I saw the stack of dusty papers in my bedroom dating back to January and thought again, “Who in his right mind would pay someone to clean his room or organize his garage?”

But, according to Rodgers, the business has “really picked up” since opening in May. She said there are plenty of busy people who lack organizational skills or who simply need a helping hand with that big cleaning project.

“Most people that I work with don’t know where to start,” Rodgers said.

She said a lot of her business comes from people who want to organize their office space, but that she once spent six hours with a client cleaning a garage to make room for his ’65 El Camino.

Rodgers said she will even set up a maintenance plan for her clients to keep things neat and tidy.

Soup’s still on
I received a tip the other day that there was a shakeup in the soup kitchen of Café Flo. It sounded serious. It turns out Pauli Galin, who has been the soup master since the business opened two years ago, is moving to take on an editing position at UC, Davis.

Owners Kate and Mary Gardner and Delisa Friestadt, who’s in charge of baked goods, will collaborate on the soups.

“We’ll never have her genius,” Kate said. “But we at least hope to maintain what she’s done so far.”

Kate guarantees that the soups will remain delicious and said Galin will still bestow her brilliance on them when needed.

They’re crafty
No, the empty storefront that Glazed Creations once occupied is not the result of Halloween looters on a bisque binge.

Owners Chris and Jessica Souder are moving the business to East Eighth Street, across the parking lot from where The Bean Scene was located.

The business, which was located in the building connected to the Senator Theatre, allows customers to paint bisque, or unfinished ceramic, and have their custom designs glazed and fired in a kiln.

Chris said the new location offers more space and better parking, not to mention air conditioning and heat, two things he said they’ve done without for the past four years.

Chris said rent will be higher but that having a party room that groups can rent out will be worth it.

“It’s not like we make lots of money,” he said. “It’s something we love to do.”

The couple is even going to make a tile wall and let customers come in and paint the individual tiles themselves. Jessica said they should be open for business by mid-November.

Changing of the guard
RSC Associates, Inc., one of the top property management agencies in Northern California, is undergoing some changes. Scott Chalmers is stepping down as chairman of the board after 23 years to spend time with his wife, who is battling cancer. Larry Guanzon has been promoted to president, Jon Miller will be VP, Laura Carter will remain as chief financial officer, and Cindy Bryan will be secretary. Each has at least 10 years of service with the company. Our best wishes go out to the Chalmers.