Everybody’s business

Crow in Escrow
Two months ago, the CN&R reported that the popular Black Crow Grill & Taproom downtown was up for sale. Now a recent press release states that, in fact, the restaurant will be under new ownership.

Chico locals Tim Carrier and Brian Curtis should close escrow on the upscale bar and grill by Thanksgiving. Interestingly enough, the two proprietors tried to nab the Crow two months ago, after Carrier read in this very column that it was on the market, only to find out the restaurant was already in escrow. A few weeks later, the escrow fell through and the two were able to catch the Crow, so to speak.

Carrier, who is currently a manager at La Hacienda Restaurant, will be in charge of day-to-day operations. Curtis works at MC Squared Design Group and will handle the marketing side of the operation.

Ted Fulmer said he and the other four owners were ready to do other things and that he is happy to be handing the keys over to local guys who aren’t in it simply for the investment.

“They’re buying the business because they like the business,” Fulmer said.

Cheese with that wine?
After months of dormancy, the building that once was home to the Riff Raff Rock Bar is getting a facelift and a new occupant. Colleen Uhyrek, who also co-owns The Blue Frog store on Third Street downtown, said she and her husband David are currently working on putting a wine lounge in the vacant Second Street space. Monk’s will offer a diverse wine list and smaller dishes. Uhyrek said she hopes to open the doors in mid-November.

As for The Blue Frog, Uhyrek said the business will have its grand re-opening Friday, Oct. 15. Uhyrek said she closed for a week or so in order to shift the direction of the shop from home décor to seasonal items.

“Now we’re doing more gifts and fun holiday things,” she said.

The Blue Frog also has new co-owners in Joan Mardesich and her daughter Jill Stephens, who operate Kat’s Meow on Main Street, so Uhyrek can put more time into the new project.

No more Kwak
Connoisseurs of fine beers will now have to travel to Belgium to get a Kwak Ale. Well, they’ll at least have to go outside California.

Brandon Tucker is closing down The Brew Guild due to the high expense of running the specialty shop. He began selling exotic beers on his Web site, which he still runs, before opening the boutique in 2002.

“This is the first and is the only fine-beer shop in California,” says Tucker, who has run the business since 2002.

The shop boasts hundreds of beers from all over the world, including Czechvar from the Czech Republic, pints of Old Growler from England as well as local favorites. Tucker said he will now concentrate on getting his teaching credential and spending more time with his 3-year-old son.

The Brew Guild most likely will stay in business through November before Tucker closes the doors, leaving beer lovers to look elsewhere for the good stuff.

Comings and goings
As she so eloquently wrote in her last column, Devanie Angel is “outtie” for a few months to spend time with her and hubby Tom’s baby boy, who was born on Monday, Oct. 11, at 1:30 p.m. The new little Angel, Alec Merced, weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces. Congratulations, guys.

So that must mean I’m “innie.” My name is Mark, and I’ll be here for a while to keep you informed of the moving and shaking in local business. I’ll do my best to fill Devanie’s shoes. But if you miss seeing her face, find a No. 2 pencil and simply erase the beard and draw in some bangs on the above photo, and she’ll magically appear.