Everybody’s business

New to the neighborhood
People in Chico love to eat out, which explains why so many eateries flourish in this town. Jon and Karen Meyer have just joined the breakfast and lunch scene with Jedidiah’s Neighborhood Grill, located on Humboldt Avenue in the Humboldt Studios building.

The couple has cleverly dubbed their menu “California Confusion,” blending typical California cuisine and Fusion, which mixes Asian, Hispanic and American cuisines. “It’s just like California,” Karen said. “There’s a little bit of everything.”

Jon, who spent 15 years in law enforcement, started in the kitchen when he was 12 years old and began catering about two years ago from a trailer equipped with a kitchen and a huge barbecue grille.

Jon has taken a page from his Iowa upbringing by raising 50 of his own hogs, whose meat goes into his homemade ham and chorizo. He also makes his breads, jams and cinnamon rolls from scratch. “It’s pretty labor intensive,” he said. “But I’m sick and tired of buying processed food.”

Jedidiah’s Neighborhood Grill specializes in tri-tip, pork loin and even a Teriyaki tuna steak.

Bye-bye, big sister
JoAna Brooks, founder of the local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters, is stepping down as executive director after seven years.

“This job has been so much fun,” Brooks said. “I’ve learned so much personally and professionally.”

Brooks said she is resigning to spend more time with her husband Mike and their 6-month-old baby girl. Brooks, who at one time had a mock fan club, said she is ready to let someone else take over and that she will stick around to help find a replacement.

Brooks, who has received many kudos for her work for Big Brothers Big Sisters, will soon be partnering up with Joan Jackson for a new endeavor called JJ Consulting. The firm will provide services in grant writing, program evaluation and fund development planning. Brooks said she’ll be able to do the bulk of the work from home.

Vegas robs Blair
NCN weather anchor and co-host of Wake Up! Rob Blair is leaving Chico for even warmer climes.

The popular newscaster, who won “best personality” two years in a row in the CN&R’s Best of Chico contest, is heading to Las Vegas, where he’ll do weekend weather for the city’s ABC affiliate, KTNV.

Blair, who’s wanted to become a weatherman since he was about 5 years old, said leaving Chico will be bittersweet but that it’s the right move. “My goal has always been to go to a larger market,” he said.

Blair said he feels lucky to have had the chance to do a show like Wake Up!, where he was able to be himself. “It’s been a blessing and a privilege to come into people’s homes and inform them and make them smile,” Blair said.

He added that he was still surprised by his popularity. “I just get up at 4 a.m. and go to work.”

Blair will hit the road for first broadcast in Sin City on Saturday.

Baseball digest
Local baseball will be back in Chico soon enough, but in the meantime we have the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox to keep us occupied. I’m hoping by the time you read this my beloved Redbirds will have at least won a game.