Event season

Grand openings, birthdays and more reasons to celebrate spring

As things go this time of year, it seems as soon as my calendar rolled over to April, my schedule filled up. I honestly don’t know how to fit it all in—between Saturday and Sunday, I want to go to the California Nut Festival, the Earth Day Film Festival (check out “All about Earth,” Greenways, page 16, for more), The Edge CAMMIES Showcase at the Tackle Box and the CAMMIES Finale and Awards Show out at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.’s new hop field venue. Oh, and Chico’s La Comida is celebrating its 50th birthday on Saturday with a big shindig. Also on Saturday: AMain Cycling’s grand opening, with a bike giveaway and cool deals on gear. Plus, Saturday and Sunday is the 31st annual Home & Garden Show at Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, featuring over 250 businesses.

If you add Thursday and Friday to the mix, there’s Thursday Night Market and the first installment of Fork in the Road out at DeGarmo Park on Friday. And, somehow, perpetually stoned comedian Doug Benson has chosen to celebrate the holy day of 4/20 at Paradise Performing Arts Center—so that’d be fun (see “Taking the high road,” Scene, page 28, for an interview with Benson). Plus, as my boyfriend continues to remind me, Super Troopers 2 comes out that night. Decisions, decisions.

Speaking of … Sierra Nevada appeared on my radar this week with the news that it’s kicked its environmental efforts up a notch since implementing a nitrile glove recycling program in 2016. The RightCycle program is offered through Kimberly-Clark Professional and has diverted more than 500 tons of waste from landfills since its launch in 2011, according to a press release. The brewery alone has recycled more than 6,800 pounds of gloves.

A Kimberly-Clark representative confirmed that Lundberg Family Farms also participates in RightCycle and, in fact, turned Sierra Nevada on to the program. She was not aware of any other local companies that participate. Those that are interested, however, can go to kcprofessional.com/rightcycle to find out how to sign up. The program is exclusively for industries that deal with nonhazardous waste.

Henna and brows I honestly had no idea that henna tattoos and eyebrow threading were so popular … together. But, lo and behold, there are at least two salons in town that specialize in those two things. And there’s soon to be a third, as Beauty Hub—located by Walmart (at 2057 Forest Ave., Ste. 6)—is preparing to open up a second location downtown, as indicated by a sign on the door at 167 E. Third St. I called over to the existing store, but didn’t get a call back by press time to find out more. I can say, however, that the photos of the henna art are pretty spectacular.

And in researching eyebrow threading, I learned that the practice—which is supposed to be gentler on the skin than waxing—has its origins in India, China and the Middle East. So, no wonder it goes hand-in-hand with henna. (For the record, the other threading/henna salon in town is Rhythm’s Brow Lounge (at 118 W. East Ave.).