Evan Almighty

Rated 1.0

In a summer of really stupid-minded blockbusters, perhaps the stupidest ever, Evan Almighty, steps up to plate and takes a swing at being more stupid than stupid. And connects with a mighty blow. Boy, does this one blow. Basically it reduces the Noah part of Genesis to a series of poopy jokes, with Steve Carrell filling in to be the brunt of this franchise’s idea of what God is all about. Casting any sort of logic aside, He sets the new congressman on a task to build a new ark and gather up all the animals two-by-two in preparation for an epic deluge. Not that they’re gonna need it. This being a family film, I’m not giving anything away by saying there’s no deluge at the end. Not that they even needed the animals for the ultimate tiny-minded point. The god (small g) here is just a querulous old man who arbitrarily demands an archaic dress code of his odd job-ers and changes his mind on silly whims. If this is what Hollywood thinks of Christians, I see why Christians have issues with Hollywood.