Enloe gets another look-see

Just a month after Enloe Medical Center spent four days under the scrutiny of an evaluation team from the state Department of Public Health, it faced another inspection, this time by a seven-person team from the Joint Commission, a national accrediting organization, that spent five days at the hospital.

The team’s preliminary report said Enloe had met criteria that could result in a “conditional accreditation,” which is not as good as an unconditional accreditation but better than getting no accreditation at all.

Enloe is now required to make improvements in a number of areas, most of them already covered by hospital policies and procedures, said spokeswoman Laura Hennum. CEO Deborah Yancer has noted on several occasions that the hospital will do fine if it only follows those established policies and procedures.

Yancer urged hospital staff in a memo to look at the commission’s report as “coaching” and “another chance to clearly focus on the highest priorities in our organization.”