Pushed again

The proposed “disorderly events” ordinance has been getting kicked around, almost literally. The ordinance, which was introduced to the Chico City Council by police back in July, has taken flak from the community for its broad language and its motives. Approved by the council on Sept. 4, it came back this week (Sept. 18) for final reading and adoption, accompanied by some 200 people who weren’t too keen on it.

Mayor Andy Holcombe immediately moved to kick it back to the Internal Affairs Committee for more discussion, and the council agreed, 7-0. However, a few people in the audience thought the council was waffling. With a few yells emanating from the audience, the council decided to bypass Internal Affairs and consider it at a special meeting of the full council on Oct. 15, although that decision wasn’t actually voted on.

“At least people will have been heard, which is important for an issue of great community concern,” Holcombe said afterward. “The process will be defendable even if the outcome isn’t.”