Education at a cost

Middle-income families fall back

Over the last ten years, the University of California system has seen a 9 percent decrease in enrollment from students in middle-income families, while low-income and high-income families have seen their proportions rise. Some speculate a combination of tuition hikes, flat-lining salaries and little financial aid for middle-income students is to blame for the discrepancy. A recent story in the Orange County Register breaks it down—let the numbers tell the tale:

• The number of households earning $50,000 to $99,000 has increased by about 1 percent since 2000, while the number of households earning $100,000 to $149,000 has decreased by about 4 percent.

• After a 9 percent boost in tuition was approved this summer, the average cost of one full academic year in the UC system is $12,192.

• The average debt for UC graduates last year increased by 6.9 percent to $17,000.

• UC faces $100 million more in automatic budget cuts if state revenue continues to dip.