If one were to take copious amounts of acid or have more than a few too many drinks, the new album by Italy's Ufomammut would be the perfect disorientating soundtrack. On each of the six expansive tracks (half of which are more than 10 minutes long), the legendary doom/psych-metal crew explores different facets of the Greek goddess of its title, Ecate, and ties it all together with a theme of rebellion. Instead of playing mere psychedelic drones that take the listener nowhere, the band goes beyond the competition with songs like the crushing “Plouton” and the doom-laden album opener, “Somnium.” Already a household name overseas and a favorite at Roadburn, the annual festival of all things heavy in Holland, the band is making its way to the States for its first North American tour in its 16-year history. Since 2012, the band has worked with Neurot Recordings, founded by Neurosis, the East Bay band that was undoubtedly a huge influence on their Italian brothers in metal. The pairing couldn't be more appropriate, and for fans of their predecessor's style of dark, experimental heaviness, Ufomammut's latest is a must have.