Fall tempts us all into cozy slumber, but luckily there are bands like Crocodiles to pull us back out onto the dance floor. The San Diego glam-punks have released their fifth LP, Dreamless, which finds the group exploring more polished electronic tones. It’s a mix of grit and glitter coming from sparkling keyboard lines over a distorted underbelly. Danceable bass lines are paired with simple synth rhythms that seem to smooth out Crocodiles’ typical fuzz-pedal rough edges, though the production itself remains more on the raw side. Songs like “I’m Sick” fall in the realm of driving punk, while “Jumping on Angels” feels more like glam-psychedelic fusion. Despite the album’s instrumental arms and legs, it’s missing a certain punch; the melodies are pleasant, buoyant, but not entirely memorable. However, if you’re merely in search of good beats to keep you from hibernating, you’ll find them here.