Don’t worry about tomorrow

Don’t let it bring you sorrow with
The 5th Annual Women’s Center Conference at CSU had an Empowerment for Women Seminar last weekend, with keynote speaker, and infamous sexpert, Susie Bright. Now I don’t know how the rest of you feel about hearing about masturbation, pornography, toys and the impending sexual revolution that will make the ‘60s look like the 1860s, but it fascinates me. From humble beginnings to my stint with Larry Flynt, I’ve known that sex is an important facet of our society and one that needs to be constantly explored. Ms Bright was succinct in her comments, and everyone who was brave enough to put on the event should be commended.

DarkFall, the new play at the Blue Room Theatre, written by David Davalos, is a scathing commentary (written as a dark comedy) about how America has sold out to corporate interests. In the 1950s America had a growth spurt unparalleled since the 20s, and the reason can be summed up in one word: corporations. Monolithic systems where it didn’t matter who or what was at the helm. Besides being a brilliantly written play, DarkFall comes to life with some stellar performances. Blue Room Artistic Director Joe Hilsee manifests Satan with what I can only ascertain as Star Power. The angelic Jessleanne Perry rings true as a contemporary young adult caught in the ultimate passion play. Quentin Colgan, a local character actor whose performances I have likened to a Pat and Larry’s steak (well seasoned), hits the mark again. Everyone has worked hard on this performance, including director Paul Stout, who managed to direct me for five weeks without any swings being swung, which I thought was impossible. At tonight’s performance (April 17), Mr. Davalos will be on hand before and after the show for what will be an enlightening round of Q&A.

SASSAS, the Society for the Activation of Social Space through Art and Sound, has announced its summer schedule at the Schindler House in L.A. On June 28th, Chico’s own Danny Cohen is the featured guest. The site lists Danny as a “Cult hero singer-songwriter who has been called the cheerfully morbid musical equivalent of a Gahan Wilson cartoon.” The show will also feature the local hip power duo of John and Christine LaPado. Cool!

Well kids, folks and sport fans, Ye Olde Budget Cuts have insured that this is to be my last column here at CNR. I’ve enjoyed playing the fool for all of you over the years, but now I must bid adieu. See you on the streets!