Don’t forget a biking helmet

Head protection is important for you and the little ones

Now that this beautiful spring weather is upon us, it’s time to hit the streets on two pedal-powered wheels. But before hopping on your ride, make certain you’re set with a helmet. Head protection is especially important for young people. Don’t forget that California law mandates the use of helmets for bikers under age 18. When purchasing helmets for children, be sure they are properly fitted. Helmets should always be buckled while riding. Straps should be snug, but not tight. Experts say the device should cover the forehead and not move more than half an inch in any direction. Look to see that the product has either the seal of the Consumer Products Safety Commission or the SNELL sticker.

Thanks to the Butte County Public Health Department’s Safe Kids Chapter, which partnered with the Butte County Sheriff’s STARS program, low-income families now qualify for low-cost helmets though the Butte County Helmet Bank. For a $3 donation, kids 5 to 14 who qualify for reduced- or low-cost lunches, WIC or Medi-Cal, can pick up a helmet through these agencies/organizations:

Butte County Public Health (891-2732)

Parents as Teachers, Chapman (895-4090)

OPT for Fit Kids (345-0678)

Valley Oak Children’s Services (895-3572; Oroville, 534-8458)

Go to for more info.