Dog-eat-dog world

Former student leaders had beef with hot dog stand

Although the current student government leadership is shying away from discussing the university’s efforts to get the city to abandon the area where the Crazy Dog does its dog duty, the issue has indeed popped up several times at meetings of the Associated Students. Here are some excerpts from minutes.

“[A.S. Vice President of Business and Finance Scott] Schuhwerk asked that this [food carts] be put on the agenda because of his concern that the independently owned food cart operated on Warner St. is taking away from AS. business. … [A.S. President Jeff] Iverson raised the question of redrawing the city property lines and possibly going to the City Council to get the property deeded to the university.”
Sept. 5, 2000
Associated Students Business Committee

“Schuhwerk was of the opinion that if the university was going to try and buy the space from the city that the hot dog cart operates on that it should be done during intersession.”
Oct. 17, 2000

“Iverson said he was upset that nothing has been done with the food cart on Warner Street.”
Dec. 5, 2000

“Discussion was held regarding the possibility of setting up a coffee or food cart on campus, possibly near the hot dog vendor.” [Vice President of University Advancement and Student Affairs Jim] Moon suggested “waiting until deeding of the property at the west end of campus is completed.”
Oct. 31, 2001

“[A.S. Commissioner of Community Affairs Ryan] Esposto announced that community members have expressed displeasure over A.S. competing with small vendors. He feels it reflects poorly on A.S. … [A.S. Commissioner for Environmental Affairs Sean Kvingedal] stated that the hot dog vendor situation looks like a corporation vs. an individual.”
Governmental Affairs Committee
Feb. 19, 2002

“Lydecker saw the hot dog guy buying a Speedy Burrito in the BMU.”
March 13, 2002