Recreation proposals for Lake Oroville

Proposals being debated over the future of the Lake Oroville area are numerous and include ideas for projects ranging over a wide geographical area. This truncated list comes from a draft document created by the Lake Oroville Joint Powers Association.

• Bidwell Canyon: Convert some camp sites to marina parking, build a camp activity center, open a concession stand, finalize construction on the Saddle Dam Trailhead.

• Loafer Creek: Create a stable warm-water swimming area, an activity center, RV campsites and a campground store.

• Lime Saddle: Fix the damaged marina, lengthen the boat launch, expand camping and day use opportunities, improve concessions, create a warm-water swimming area.

• Lake Oroville in general: Expand camping and day use opportunities, improve trails, create opportunities for fishing tournaments, add restrooms.

• Diversion Pool: Clean up area and remove exotic plants, create trails for a variety of users, acquire adjacent land for expansion, offer access at Lakeland Boulevard.

• Feather River above downtown: Build a special-events venue, install a whitewater park, improve the nature center, add a historic cultural trail.

• Riverbend Park area: Complete planned park, add a visitor center, improve river access, allow for warm-water swimming.

• Forebay: Expand day use, acquire Campbell Hills property, Hwy 70/Diversion Canal bridge connection, build a lakefront resort and golf course, add boating events venue.

• Afterbay: Build a day use area with boat launch ramp, add a swimming area along with camping and day use facilities with river access.

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