Do What Your Heart Says To

D.C.-based saxophonist/vocalist Scott Ramminger is hooked on the music of New Orleans, and Do What Your Heart Says To is full of the sounds of the Crescent City, where it was recorded. Using some of that city’s top talents—e.g., pianist David Torkanowsky and bassist George Porter Jr., as well as a passel of female vocalists—Ramminger et al. deliver the goods on each of the 14 tracks. Things get off to a thumping start thanks to drummer Doug Belote, who kicks off the lively opener, “Living Too Fast,” about a guy whose gal tries to slow him down by dumping his booze, cigarettes, etc. Rollicking solos by Ramminger and Torkanowsky are a preview of the delights in store on this horn-fueled album that also features a trumpet and two trombones. Francine Reed joins Ramminger on the title track, on which they advise us to “shake things up, do what your heart says to.” An hour’s worth of musical pleasure makes this a great value and great fun!