Some Twist

In case you missed his under-the-radar solo debut last year, Michael Nau has shifted his energies from his Cotton Jones quartet. There are sonic parallels between both projects, but the more riled, unrefined moments of Cotton Jones have been traded in for an unbreakable serenity under the name of Nau. On songs like “Done Wonder,” Nau’s voice rises from a reverby well of softly washed rhythms, with drum beats gentle as rustling brush, and synths breathing with the relief of a nighttime breeze. That’s not to say Some Twist is all on the calm side. “How You’re So for Real” sits on strong percussive pillars, a good guitar hook and a charming vocal groove. In fact, without losing cohesiveness, many of the songs manage to nod slightly in several directions—sparse, dreamy folk, 1970s easy listening, and even a hint of country during a few chugging moments. Like I said, this is his second solo record; don’t wait any longer.