Do what you can

As one of the most visible and famous environmentalists, actor Ed Begley Jr. can be a lightning rod for naysayers. Yet even eco-minded folks can accentuate the negative. As he recently told the News & Review’s Kat Kerlin: “People, understandably, are put off by the list of things they can’t do—‘I can’t buy an electric car like Ed, or put up solar.’ But what’s on the list that you can do?”

Great question. Check out his list and decide:

1. Use compact fluorescent bulbs—they save lots of energy and last nine times as long as regular bulbs.

2. Ride a bike if weather and fitness permits.

3. Ride public transportation.

4. Do some home gardening or home composting. If you don’t have a front or back yard, become part of a community garden. (“In 1970,” Begley relayed, “I had an apartment; I composted in the apartment.”)

5. If you can afford it, get an energy-saving thermostat, and you’ll save a lot of money.