Bike safety is a two-way street

It seems like spring has come early this year, and the beautiful sunny days bestowed by Mother Nature have been perfect for cycling. Commuters take to the streets come rain or come shine; now recreational riders have rejoined the pack.

This is a good time for a rules-of-the-road refresher, but bike safety isn’t all on the cyclists. Drivers need to take care, too. So here are a few things the operator of a vehicle—motor- or pedal-powered—should keep in mind.


• Go with traffic, not against it.
• Ride in a straight line as near to the curb or roadway edge as practical.
• Don’t ride on the sidewalk.
• Make turns the same way drivers do (see diagram).


• Look carefully for bicyclists before opening doors, particularly when parked curbside.
• Before turning right, take care to merge toward the curb or into the bike lane.
• Don’t overtake a bicyclist just before making a right turn.

Source: California Department of Motor Vehicles