Dixie Chicks


Great playing, great singing, great songs. What more can you ask for? The Dixie Chicks’ Home (2002) is beautiful. Natalie Maines, Emily Robison and Martie Maguire—accompanied at times by pros Emmylou Harris, Chris Thile and Natalie’s dad, steel player Lloyd Maines (who also co-produced)—have definitely got their act together.

Natalie Maines’ voice, at times Dolly Parton-like, treats her songs’ subject matters with sensitivity and tenderness. “Travelin’ Soldier” is anything but unsupportive of the young soldier and the girl he leaves behind. “More Love” asks for just that: “More love, I can hear our hearts cryin’/ More love, I know that’s all we need…”

“Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)” is a song written from the perspective of a parent singing to a beloved child: “Godspeed, little man/ Sweet dreams, little man/ Oh my love will fly to you each night on angels’ wings…” Maines, a mama herself, puts in a particularly lovely performance, accompanied by Robison and Harris on harmony vocals.

I’d say go get it.