Dinner for Schmucks

Rated 3.0

Paul Rudd is Tim, an analyst at a money-management firm who, in hopes of impressing his boss and getting promoted comes up with a genius idea to snag a new client. But first, Tim has to go through an initiation of sorts by coming to a dinner bringing an idiot everyone can make fun of. As almost a sign from God, Tim literally runs into his idiot, Barry (Steve Carell), whose hobby is to collect and stuff dead mice to place in shadow boxes dressed up in costumes. The problem here is that Tim is actually a nice guy. So when his beautiful, foreign girlfriend Julie (Stephanie Szostak) tells him not to go to the dinner, everything that was going well starts to unwind. Rudd does a great job, and Carell is wonderfully annoying and charmingly naïve. Some of the minor roles, however, tend to steal the show. Lucy Punch, for example, plays Tim’s stalker and outshines Szostak by a long shot. Feather River Cinemas, Paradise Cinema 7 and Tinseltown. Rated PG-13