Depression all around

One in six Americans report depression

You’re far from alone if you’ve sought help for depression. A recent poll found that 40 million Americans—about one in six or 17 percent—reported having been diagnosed with depression.

Gallup’s poll is based on more than 250,000 interviews conducted this year, as part of the pollster’s Well-Being Index. Some of the percentages broken into subgroups are quite interesting. For example, low-income and separated or divorced respondents were the most likely to suffer from depression.

Have you ever been told by a physician or nurse that you have depression?

Low-income Americans 30%
Separated or divorced 29%
Women 22%
Men 13%
Whites 18%
Hispanics 16%
Blacks 14%
Asians 9%
Middle-income Americans 16%
Upper-income Americans 13%