Homeless in Butte County

Broken down by statistics

Homelessness is on the rise in Butte County, and stories of the homeless are increasingly prevalent in the local media. On Sept. 29, the Butte Countywide Homeless Continuum of Care Council released its final report, based on a census/survey, outlining the current situation of the homeless in Butte County. The report shows that 60.4 percent of the county’s homeless live in Chico and 59 percent of respondents were male. Specifically, the report shows that:

20%       of homeless respondents reported having children

28%       were living unsheltered outdoors

58%       reported living in Butte County for five years or more

39%       were “chronically homeless”

22%       reported having some college education

47%       reported having no financial resources

10%       had served in the military

20%       are former foster youth

38%       are physically disabled

70%       have spent time in jail or prison

Source: Butte Countywide Homeless Continuum of Care Council 2009 Point-In-Time Homeless Census & Survey Report