Debate continues over noise law

Councilman isn’t keen on police handing out citations without issuing warnings

Chico City Councilman Andy Holcombe has an idea that would help the Chico Police Department crack down on violations of the city’s noise ordinance, while also giving residents a chance to comply: He suggests issuing a warning and then citing an offender on any subsequent violation within six months. That’s in contrast with the current policy of citing residents only if a second violation occurs within 72 hours of a written warning.

Holcombe (pictured) cast the lone dissenting vote on Tuesday (May 8) during an Internal Affairs Committee meeting regarding a proposal to make changes to the city’s noise ordinance, including eliminating the written warning. The CPD supports the amendment. (Vice Mayor Jim Walker and Councilman Bob Evans OK’d the plan.)

Holcombe said he agreed with other aspects of the proposal, including doing away with the need for a written statement from the complaining party. “But I didn’t like not having a warning at all,” he said by phone Tuesday afternoon.

The issue will go on to the full City Council.