Days of Lore

Los Tigres del Norte: It pays to match.

Los Tigres del Norte: It pays to match.

The end is near
Taking a walk down the radio dial has been like traipsing through the Sahara Desert. I’m parched. I’m starting to see things. Can’t … go … on. But I will … for you. Besides, I couldn’t listen to any Internet radio. June 26 was the official “Day of Silence,” where participating webcasters shut down their operations for a full day to continue the protest against the increased royalty rates set in March by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB). The day was also to encourage listeners to contact their representatives to support the proposed Internet Radio Equality Act, which was introduced to Congress in May.

If the bill passes, it would nullify the new “per-performance” rate set by the CRB that will kick in July 15.

That said, let’s rock the radio dial together one last time, shall we?

¡Vengan conmigo, amigos mios!
Ahhh … me encanta el radio del Español. No lo escucho mucho, pero la música siempre me hace feliz, especialmente los cantantes clásicos como Vicente Fernández y Los Tigres del Norte. Encontré KHHZ 97.7 Radio Mexico, La Gran X, y lo escuché por una hora. Me gusta. Pero no creo que mis compañeros lo apreciaban como yo. De hecho, CN&R adjunto editor Meredith J. Cooper cerró la puerta. Pero bueno. ¡Corrige eso!

Sí, algunos canciónes eran repetitivos (letras de pena del corazón). Pero habías muchos canciónes alegres también—me encantan los cuernos … especialmente la tuba—y son perfectos por escuchando en la oficina (¡Como una fiesta todos los días!). ¿No?

And the best of the rest
Ahora … err … now we have The Hank, which must be the country version of The Bob. I heard Randy Travis (who I like … shhh … don’t tell anyone), Trick Pony and some other dude who was singing about love by channeling the voice of a seventh-grader. Then I changed the station.

Thunder 100.7 All right! More classic rock! It was nice to hear longtime deejay Lisa Kelly‘s familiar voice. She played some Queen (the new stuff with BadCo’s Paul Rodgers, which I’m sure has Freddy Mercury doing flip-flops in his grave), Don Henley and Roxy Music. I rocked. I rolled.

Oldies 102.1 You can never go wrong with the oldies. When I had a functioning radio in my old truck, Oldies 102.1 was the only station I would tune in to. However, it’s a little disconcerting to hear groups like Fleetwood Mac on an oldies station. Does that mean I’m old? Damn, next thing you know you’ll be hearing Mötley Crüe‘s “Live Wire” on the oldies station. And KFM and Thunder will have “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on their playlists. Then I’ll officially be an oldie … but a goodie.

The Blaze 103.5 I’m sorry … Big & Rich?! I can’t.

Z-Rock 106.7 The final stop on this radio roller-coaster of love is the place where metal and machismo rules with a fingerless-gloved fist. Z-Rock offers everything necessary to prepare a mean heavy metal sandwich. A little AC/DC for your baloney, kay. You have Ozzy for your soft buns. And Linkin Park slides in nicely as that magical Kraft single (with 5 ounces of milk in every slice!). Mmmmm … good. If you want veggies on this sando, go to KZFR.

And I’m done … and you’re ecstatic.

Join us, or die, please?
The CN&R is once again gearing up for its Chico Area Music compilation and is accepting submissions. The comp is open to all bands in the area—just download the application at and submit your best two songs on a CD. Last year was pretty neat, with The Shankers, Holger Honda, The Makai and Cochino among many others taking part. So, if you didn’t get on it last year, or you’re in a newer band, get on it now. And check out our MySpace page,, for more info.