Cupid’s little helper

Four new adult products for the lovers season

If life gives you a Limon, pucker up.

If life gives you a Limon, pucker up.

In Spike Jonze’s Oscar-nominated love story, Her, a writer falls in love with his sentient operating system, leaving the rest of us to ask Siri, “Where do you see us in five years?” Until our OS is able to talk to us in X’s and O’s, we can turn to the rest of the technological world to add a little pep to our Valentine’s Day rendezvous. From naughty packages on your doorstep to programmable vibrators, here are four products that will leave you with hearts in your eyes and stars circling your head:

Limon Sometimes with sex, simple is satisfying. Minna’s newest adult product is a rechargeable, waterproof vibrator that bears a striking resemblance to one of nature’s sourest fruits. However, Limon is anything but sour with a sweet combination of high-quality soft materials, versatile shape and squeeze-controlled vibrations. In free-play mode, the intensity is determined by how hard you squeeze, but Limon can also record your—or your partner’s—programmable pattern of ups and downs for playback at a later time. The one-button control is easy to use with a single hand, which frees up your other hand for whatever trouble it can find. The small nub at the top acts as a focal point for the strong vibrations making this a compact, but powerful, addition to your Valentine’s Day arsenal., $119

Spicy Subscriptions Valentine’s Day is a day, but love lasts all year long. With this monthly adult-themed subscription box, you’ll never run low on the tools and gadgets that spice up your sex life. Each month, the Spice Box will arrive on your doorstep with an assortment of one or two full-sized products, two to three trial-sized products and a sex toy.

You’ll never know what’s coming each month—providing fun and excitement as you discover new products and new ways to work through the box—but, along with the toy, you can expect flavored lubes, massage oils and beauty products such as lotions and lip gloss. For an additional fee, a Deluxe Spice Box offers more monthly products, and for those who want to cut to the chase, a Toy of the Month option leaves out the full- and trial-sized products.

The toys, while not on par with high-end designers’ offerings, are of good enough construction and quality to find a place in the bedside drawer long after the next box arrives., starting at $26 per month

LovePalz Whether you’re left longing over a long-distance relationship or interested in taking Internet love to the next level, the his-and-hers LovePalz—respectively Zeus and Hera—will help bridge the Valentine’s Day gap. The Wi-Fi-enabled cylinders connect via a computer or smartphone and each device responds to the stimulation given to the other device. If someone squeezes Zeus’ rod, Hera’s hollow center will compress, giving anything inside a sexy hug. Squeeze or stroke Zeus more vigorously and Hera will respond in kind. Likewise, use Hera as a masturbator or with your fingers and Zeus dances to life recreating thrusts from Hera.

Couples can use any combination of Zeus and Hera to beam their message across the world right into their partner’s hands, or whichever other body part they prefer. It’s a pricy way to connect, but it’s still cheaper than a plane ticket or Google Glass’ sex app., $189 per his-her unit

Ida The dual-action rabbit-style vibrator has been popular for many years, but by removing the ears and making the unit more compact, Lelo has created a toy that’s far more versatile than its cottontailed predecessors. Resembling a coat hook or a puffed-up comma, Ida features a rotating hook with a vibrating base controllable through a remote that activates six preset modes or two freestyle modes that turn the remote into a motion-activated controller. The silicone toy is waterproof and the base of the hook is thin enough that it can be worn during sex, giving both partners a buzz of stimulation.

With a history of high-quality products with unique designs, Lelo adds to its impressive lineup with a new twist on an old favorite sure to get everyone’s legs thumping faster than Thumper after six cans of Red Bull., $199