Crippling California’s economy

AB 32 is dangerous in a state with 2.26 million people out of work

Mr. Logue, a Republican, represents the 3rd District, including Butte County, in the state Assembly. He lives in Linda.

In recent months, my taking the lead to suspend AB 32 has garnered the attention of media outlets across the nation and, most important, that of Californians. I am glad people are taking the time to discuss this momentous issue, seeing how it will affect California for years to come.

The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, otherwise known as AB 32, was designed to counter global warming, and that alone. Some have suggested that taking a stand against AB 32 will jeopardize our health and lower air-quality standards, but they are mistaken. The intent of AB 32 is to target greenhouse-gas emissions; this is not to be confused with “smog” or other chemicals found to be harmful to your health.

In fact, the main greenhouse gas cited, carbon dioxide, is critical to all life on Earth and is not labeled by the government as a pollutant. (But they did say it “endangers public health.”) This bill will do nothing to address the air-quality problems or concerns facing Californians today.

We are chasing a phantom in an economy where 2.26 million people are out of work. A stand to suspend AB 32 is a stand for common sense, a stand for California’s once vibrant economy, and a stand for the hardworking families across our Golden State.

A go-at-it-alone effort is foolhardy, especially considering the fact that most nations, including the United States, have yet to ratify any protocol, much less agree on their share of the burden. Any emissions reduction resulting from AB 32 will be easily negated by the 600 new coal-fired power plants in China or India.

This is also true on the national level as California is experiencing an unprecedented exodus of businesses to other states. Can “global warming” be affected at all by the singular efforts of California when our neighbors to the east and to the south don’t share the same sentiments?

Why is California fighting to implement a bill that will cripple our ability to compete economically, especially now when we need it most?

AB 32 will be detrimental to California’s already frail economy and impact the very programs keeping our air and waters clean. By driving businesses out of state, California will be left with displaced workers and lower tax revenues. Lower revenues would severely limit the state’s ability to provide for the programs that we hold dear, resulting in further budget cuts and needs going unmet.

It’s time for Californians to seek out the truth and make common-sense choices to get our state working again.