Philosophy of the bicycle

Twenty reasons to make bicycling a part of your life

Mr. Snapp is a bicycle commuter as well as long-distance rider. He’s currently planning his second bicycle ride to Alaska. He lives in Chico.

Riding a bicycle …

1. is a childish act of pure joy.

2. is an act of the heart.

3. is good for your body and mind.

4. is the expression of an innate love for life.

5. is a meditation and a dream state all rolled into one.

6. is good for your planet.

7. is bad for oil wars, very good for our soldiers and great for our energy independence from kingdoms and tribal fiefdoms.

8. is cleansing for the air we breathe.

9. you might just really see the place you live in for the first time.

10. you are part of the wind sky sun rain day night stars moon spring summer deer bear!

11. your muscles sing as they pull, your body sings as it sweats, your eyes thrill to the vibrant rush of colors and objects, your nose awakens from its slumbers to a thousand scents unknown in cars.

12. your body-mind revels in the joy of balancing, leaning, flowing—a veritable dance through the world.

13. you become a happier, more dog-like creature, nose-to-the-wind, toothy smile on your mindlessly happy face.

14. to work or school, you arrive feeling filled with life, not just caffeine—a poor substitute! (Some will argue this point….)

15. is good to go get milk, a beer, a movie, dinner, or …

16. is like getting free gas for your car every time you ride.

17. in spring’s flower-splattered, greengold light, there are moments when you simply are, and you are filled not with “thoughts” but with joyous being.

18. is something you can do for nearly your entire life.

19. it is easy to fall and hit your head, or even get hit by a dumb-phone-addicted driver, so get and wear a helmet! Your brain is your life. And the cost? How much is your mind worth? As much as your shoes?

20. is a supremely rational act with ethical, moral, environmental, and physical consequences that can make your town and the world a better, healthier place.