Cops arrest shooting suspect

Think they caught the man who shot Butte College student

The Chico Police Department announced that a man who has been in custody at Butte County Jail since March 10 is a suspect in the attempted murder of Khalil Abdulkarin, a Butte College football player who was gunned down on March 6 outside of Café Culture.

Last Wednesday (April 27), CPD identified 20-year-old Anchalla Andre Zeigler of Chico as the alleged gunman. Zeigler (pictured) was arrested four days after a parole search of his apartment during which officers located a gun. He was picked up for being a felon in possession of a firearm and child endangerment.

According to a press release from CPD, multiple witnesses identified Zeigler as the shooter. The firearm located at his residence is believed to be the weapon used during the crime. Abdulkarin spent a week at Enloe Medical Center recovering from the shooting.