Conservation yard duty

With water resources dwindling, not to mention rates going up all over the state, conservation should be a top priority. Last week, GreenWays shared some tips on eliminating household water waste. Now it’s time to take a look-see outside.

Sure, (hopefully) you’re already using common sense and watering your landscaping during the early morning or late evening. Of course, you do this because less evaporation takes place when the weather is cool.

Are there other good water-saving methods? Yep. There are several. And like the household tips, they typically only require changes in behavior, not pocket change. Here are just a few:

• Don’t follow some arbitrary irrigation schedule. Water your lawn and garden only when the plants show they are thirsty.

• If you have a pool, cover it to minimize evaporation.

• Instead of washing down your walkways, use a broom.

Mow your lawn at a height of two to three inches to reduce evaporation and heat stress.

• Water a few times in short sessions—instead of one long soak—for better absorption.

• When considering landscaping options, look into xeriscape, which employs native plants, drip systems and other water-saving measures.

Source: International Arid Lands Consortium