Words like “psych” and “psychedelic” are tossed around rather willy-nilly these days—a band drenches its music in reverb and adds an organ, and all of a sudden its the second coming of Amon Düül II. The members of Swedish collective GOAT are true psych practitioners, dabbling in a vast array of styles that found themselves on the aptly titled 2012 debut World Music. They sound like students of music and culture, while avoiding any scholarly dryness. Commune (another perfect title) is brimming with sounds and influences that should instill curiosity in listeners. “Hide From the Sun” is nothing new under the sun, using repetition, fuzz and ghostly vocals to get the point across. But songs like “To Travel the Path Unknown” and instrumental “Bondye” bring Eastern European rhythms to GOAT’s boho tapestry. There’s also an underlying theme of religious imagery and oppression to the lyrics that don’t immediately jump out over the familiar sounds. Of course, cynical music dweebs will say, “But Amon Düül II was actually doing this some 40 years ago.” And they’d be right. But GOAT has woven together enough disparate influences that merely support a much deeper vision. That’s where they truly succeed.