Chico’s street lights switch to LED

An energy-efficient makeover

The city of Chico is in the process of hiring a subcontractor to replace 1,100 of the city’s cobra-head-type lights with energy-efficient LED bulbs, a move expected to save the city nearly $60,000 in annual energy costs, according to a city news release.

The new LED lights glow a more comfortable color, and provide better roadway lighting and night vision. They also use less energy, last three to four times longer than the existing lights, and are expected to save the city another $7,500 in annual street-light maintenance costs. Street lights currently absorb over one-third of the city’s energy costs each year.

The city owns about 4,725 of the 6,600 street-light fixtures located within city limits, and officials plan to eventually replace all city-owned lights when funds permit. The first round of light-replacements will be funded entirely by federal-stimulus funds and Pacific Gas & Electric energy-efficiency rebates.