Chico: Allow dispensaries

When the council takes up the issue of Prop. 64, it should remember 61 percent of Chico voters were for it

The city of Chico will soon be taking up the issue of how to respond to the passing of Proposition 64, which legalizes marijuana for adults in California. Specifically, it allows everyone 21 and older to use the drug, to possess it in small quantities and to grow it. It should be noted that while cities and counties can set restrictions on the outdoor growing of the plant for personal use, they can no longer ban indoor grows.

The law also creates a licensing structure by which to regulate the commercial growing, testing, manufacturing, selling and taxing of marijuana. In light of legalization, Chico will have to decide whether to allow commercial activities, including dispensaries, within city limits. If the City Council chooses to follow the will of the people, it will vote to adopt sensible regulations allowing such businesses to exist.

Speaking of the will of the people, it’s important to note (and we’re talking directly to you, City Council conservatives) that a majority of voters in the city of Chico approved Prop. 64 (60.9 percent voted yes; 39.1 percent no). So, over 60 percent of your constituents want legal weed, and that means being able to buy it at a store. The tax revenues the city will reap are just another (big) reason to support it.