Liar in chief

Trump’s whopper of a lie speaks volumes about his future tenure

Though she never said his name during her Golden Globes acceptance speech, Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Meryl Streep took President-elect Donald Trump to task for a number of things, including his mocking a disabled newspaper reporter during his campaign.

Predictably, the thin-skinned future POTUS took to Twitter to blast the Academy Award-winning actress. If Trump was trying to counter Streep’s charge that he’s a bully, calling her overrated was not the wisest tack.

Unbelievably, once again, Trump denied that he mimicked Serge Kovaleski—something that is belied by the video footage of him contorting himself in the exact manner of that New York Times reporter’s very specific disability, arthrogryposis, which causes contracted joints.

Trump’s repeating this lie has earned him some press, but there’s another recent whopper and it’s most troubling. On Friday (Jan. 6), Trump said that he’d received information from U.S. intelligence officials about Russian hacking informing him that, as he put it, “there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election.” Declassified the same day, the report contradicts that narrative—explicitly noting that U.S. intelligence agencies did “not make an assessment of the impact Russian activities had on the outcome of the election.”

Here, Americans have a clear picture of how President Trump will operate in the White House. What’s scary is that he’ll then have the power to obfuscate the truth. Let that sink in.