Five golden rules of mobile-phone etiquette
1. Ignore present company—remember, whomever you are talking to on the phone takes precedence over anyone actually with you in person. Treat your live company is as if it were a fancy flesh ornament.

2. Speak loudly and clearly—extraneous noise can be a problem, so no matter where you are, speak loudly into the phone. If people stare, don’t worry; they’re just jealous because they don’t have your mobile phone.

3. “Vibrate” only in private—whenever you need a little thrill, whether male or female, turn the phone setting to vibrate, then drop the thing in your pants and wait for that surprise call. But remember, it’s rude to use the vibration setting in public places such as funerals, circumcisions or movies. Loud rings are more appropriate there.

4. Save your most absorbing phone calls for heavy traffic—screaming matches over the phone not only liven up a lengthy car ride, they also can actually relieve some of the stress of road rage. So whenever the traffic is thick, make that call most likely to divert your attention from the wearisome task of operating the vehicle.

5. Never leave the mobile phone in your seat—there have been too many cases of mobile phones being lodged in the ani of various customers. Don’t leave your phone sitting around because, regardless of the bumper sticker, nobody wants to see it rammed up your ass (least of all me).

Don’t forget Kumar’s
Got an email recently from a woman extolling the virtues of the Indian restaurant, Kumar’s, located way out The Esplanade on the motor city mile. She implored me to give them props, which led me to wonder whether business was running slow. Every time I’ve eaten there, I’ve had a good meal, and the family that runs the place has been a gracious host. So if you’re new to the area, or if you just forgot about the place, go there sometime and give it a try.

Last weekend, I had some tasty vegetable somosas, Flying Horse Indian beer; and of course, no trip would be complete without garlic nan bread. Even though my dinner companion, who I thought was a Japanese woman, tried to convince me she was a Korean man (I didn’t see an Adam’s apple), the food still tasted great and was so spicy I had the sniffles. Check it out.

Weekly props
1. Bloomsday (June 16th), Blue Room
2. Reno Girl Scouts convention
3. Anthony Watts on Letterman
4. Harlan Pepper