Cheese, burgers and Paradise

Boutique catering company links local businesses; Jake’s takes over Scooters Cafe spot; and Birkenstock’s back on the Ridge

My first glimpse of Brie + Olive Co. was a photo of a fantastic spread of meats, cheeses, fruits and veggies promoting an event at Upper Park Clothing’s Provisions Gallery. Being the cheese fanatic that I am, I immediately sent a message wanting to learn more.

I met up with Brie + Olive owners Gabriella Warda and Giovanni Mendoza at Daycamp Coffee to chat about it. It was my first time there, and as I drove into the Meriam Park development from a different entrance than the last time, I got horribly lost. The signage is a little lacking—but I asked someone in the parking lot and found my way. Cool vibe, delicious coffee—recommended!

Warda and Mendoza are cousins, and both work at While they enjoy their day jobs, they told me, they were constantly being asked to put together party spreads for friends and their many family members. They decided to turn their skills into something lucrative. So, they opened their “boutique catering business” over the summer and so far, so good.

My favorite thing about the Brie + Olive model is its dedication to supporting other North State businesses, from farmers and ranchers to photographers and musicians. Find ’em on Facebook for more info.

Scootin’ along Last week marked a big change along Highway 70. Long-beloved Scooters Café shut down—it normally does so for the winter—and its sign has been replaced by a new one. Turns out Jake’s Burgers and More, out of Oroville, has taken over. Jeff and Justine Jacobsen, owners of Jake’s, have been extremely busy of late. They opened up a food truck over the summer, and then this opportunity came up, Jeff tells me, when Scooters owners Dan and Bonnie Salmon decided to retire. They’ll be open year-round rather than closing for winter, and feedback already has been positive. Right on! Search for Jake’s Burgers on the Hill on Facebook for more info.

Back on their feet Baker’s Birkenstock reopened its doors in Paradise last weekend, holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony and other festivities. The store maintained its presence following the Camp Fire through its Chico shop, but is excited to be back and at it on the Ridge. Stop by and say, “Hi”—and stock up on your winter sock selection!—at 691 Fir St.

Here’s the kicker While it seems like a long shot (at least for me), Mountain Mike’s is holding an online contest with the winner getting a chance to kick a field goal at the 49ers-Packers game Nov. 24. Go to by 5 p.m. Friday (Oct. 25) to enter. Mountain Mike’s is partners with the San Francisco team, so if you’re just into the pizza, stop by the restaurant within two days after any game in which the team scores for 49 percent off a one-topping pizza. (Through Dec. 31, for some reason excluding the Oct. 31 game.)