Moving around in downtown Chico

Clothing boutique shifts spots, while two eateries announce new plans for the future

I was walking down Third Street the other day and noticed a sign outside clothing boutique 3 Seas announcing an impending move. So, I popped in and perused the sales racks—everything is 20 percent off!—and to chat with owner Kim Colombo.

Turns out, 3 Seas, which opened almost four years ago in a space adjoined to what used to be Crepeville (soon to be Woodstock’s Pizza’s new home), is taking over a space on Broadway recently vacated by Red Fly. The shop will be more spacious and offer a front door (versus a walk-up ramp to her current store).

Colombo tells me the owner of Red Fly, Raine Eldridge (who also owns Ruby’s Boutique), had sold it—and its Oroville counterpart—to an employee, but some personal issues had come up and the sale fell through. Eldridge confirmed and said the Oroville Red Fly will be reopening by the Oroville Salmon Festival, which runs Sept. 27-28, after a short break for remodeling.

Look for 3 Seas to open at 334 Broadway St. in the coming weeks and stop by its current spot—between Main and Broadway on Third—for some great deals.

More changes After 11 years in business, Leon Bistro announced last week that it’s closing its doors. I certainly have some fond food memories from the popular upscale Main Street eatery—from a delicious sea bass birthday dinner to attending a couple of chef Ann Leon’s cooking classes. But do not fear! Leon isn’t skipping town or retiring; she’s simply shifting gears to take over head chef duties at Meriam Park’s new restaurant, Burban Kitchen. I understand Leon will continue her commitment to locally sourced ingredients, but with a bourbon-inspired twist. Can’t wait. Leon Bistro will be open till Sept. 28.

And another I got word over the weekend that the folks behind The Bank Club, scheduled to (re)open in the old Winchester Goose spot at Eighth and Broadway, suffered some setbacks when it came to the lease. “After 42 years in business, and a brief 40 year break, Bank Club will find a new home,” reads the Facebook announcement. “Let’s create new memories there.” I, for one, hope they find somewhere fast—the photos from their test kitchen look bomb.

Opening soon Gabriela’s Eatery (at 6433 Skyway) is changing its name to Secrets of Paradise, which is set to open this fall. According to a Facebook post, it’ll feature a garden, a gift shop with locally made items and local beer, wine and cider. Plus a whole new menu. Sounds good to me!

Sell your wares Tractor Supply Co. is taking signups for its annual fall farmers’ market. It’s open to all farmers, artisans and crafters. Best of all, it’s free for vendors. The market will take place next Saturday (Sept. 28), at both the Chico and Oroville locations. Interested vendors must sign up by Wednesday (Sept. 25), either at their local store or online at