Cheers for Duffy’s!

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“Motherfucker, make sure you pour me more than half a shot when I pay for a whole one.” Cheers! “Make it tasty, and pour it fast ‘cuz I’m drunk.” Cheers! “Where the bartenders are fine.” Cheers. “Three TV sets.” Cheers. “Think I’ll drink another beer, go home and walk the dog.” Cheers.

For those of you new to the scene, welcome. For you elder Chicoans, it’s time for another round of one of our most celebrated traditions, Duffy’s Gong Show. On Sunday, Nov. 25 at 8 p.m. you can make a jackass of yourself in public (as if you don’t already) and stand the chance of walking home with a fistful of cash. Now I know many of you fancy yourself as a person who can amuse your small circle of friends with your amusing antics, but it’s time to take it the people. As Roger Montalbano, co-owner of Duffy’s (with Brut Max star Doug Roberts), is fond of saying, “Duffy’s Gong show, it’s more fun than smoking a bong show.”

Speaking of Roger, his son Miles Montalbano has just finished a new short film and is premiering it at Duffy’s on Wednesday, Nov. 21, at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. It stars one of Chico’s true talents, Samantha Perry, and features an original soundtrack by Jonathan Richman. Titled Love and the Monster it weighs in at only 11 minutes but could be a calling card for Miles to bigger horizons. Who knows, show business is a crazy world, but with a script by Gilbert Hernandez (Love and Rockets) Love and the Monster has the earmarking of success.

And by now you might have heard that our electronic troubadours Electric Circus has halted as various members explore new lifestyles (parenthood, L.A., touring with a solid jam band). Word is that lead guitarist Gary Dutra is looking to put some of his extreme skills in the project Loose Booty. For my money, Dutra has consistently proven himself as one of the hottest guitarists in the region, and combined with dynamic vocals he’s someone to watch in the upcoming year. I cannot express anything but deep love for all the members of Circus and wish them only the best in endeavors. Tens of thousands of people have partied to these guys over the last nine years, and when we start handing out stars on the sidewalks here, Circus should be one of the first to receive one.

Speaking of awards, I have postponed the Johnnies till after the holiday season. It’s just way to busy.