Where’s Jello?

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Chico has secrets. In fact, we have so many secrets that we are the best unknown spot in Norcal. Take for instance the Saturday Farmers’ Market across from the Brick Works. Every Saturday at 11 a.m. they have a free raffle where you can win a bag of vegetables and other assorted market goodies such as honey-roasted almonds, hand-sewn hats, “Stop GMO” T-shirts and amazing flowers.

As if the chance to win stuff isn’t enough, the band Second Nature has been ripping it up every morning from 9 a.m. on. It features Tommy Michael on didgeridoo, Bobby Seals (Planet Mechanics) on guitar, Brian Asher on sitar/guitar and interstellar sounds and his honor Ray-by-the-Bay expressing through assorted drums and chimes. What first started as Seals’ little side project has grown into a well-attended sideshow. Think Windham Hill and Shadowfax, with a liberal dose of psychedelic-tinged edginess to keep the whole thing from sliding down the slippery slope of new-age music.

Fast forward to the Sub-Urban American Vol. 2 CD Release show. The brainchild of Sean and Shelby of the PAWNS, this new CD is a great slice of the current punk scene in Chico and neighboring towns. I know I’m not the coldest beer in the fridge, so it’s not surprising that this was the first time I got to see the PAWNS play, and I was amazed. First off, the fans know them and love their songs, and Shelby is hands down the undisputed rock diva of Chico. The only comparison I can conjure up is the illustrious Trish Rowland (Repeat Offenders). The PAWNS also have a new CD coming out, so check ’em Nov. 9 at the place that is an acronym.

Also on the new CD-tip is the KCSC compilation that showcases the burgeoning indie/pop/punk scene in Chico. The Inverted Nines have a big fan base and tear it down as they pump it up, The Craze has sweet vocals this side of Buffalo Springfield, Damelo just damages melodies with their combative assault, and fer god’s sake somebody please sign The Imps and let’s get this show on the road. Now that drummer Jim Rizzuto has settled in with the boys, this power trio is yet another shining star in the Chico galaxy.

And yes, The Dead Kennedys are playing the Brick Works on Nov. 17, so we moved the Moriss Taylor show to Nov. 24 at the Senator. We didn’t want to run into the Ratt/Motorhead double booking that occurred recently, because as you know, Moriss Taylor does a mean Jello Biafra imitation.