Butte’s got worms

The Worm Farm donates compost to Butte College

Photo By Bruce Hicks

The Worm Farm in Durham has given Butte College’s organic produce project a helping hand, by donating nutrient-rich compost to the local community college.

Enriched with worm castings, the 18 yards of compost will help agriculture students with their winter garden of lettuce, Swiss chard, kale, and also a number of fruit trees.

Butte’s campus includes 26 acres of certified organic growing grounds, and an additional 50 managed with sustainability in mind.

“The Butte College farm offers students a hands-on learning opportunity since they learn how to grow and market the crops throughout the year,” Butte College Farm Technician Deb Conway said in an e-mail. “The college soil is a heavy clay, extremely lacking in organic matter, so we are very appreciative of the worm farm for their generous donation.”